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A structural edit looks at the 'big picture'. You will receive a structural editing report which focuses on the important elements of narrative voice and point(s) of view, story structure, characterisation and character arcs, plots and subplots, pace, setting, and themes.

Structural Report

You will receive a written structural report which analyses the key elements (mentioned above) of your manuscript. The structural report helps writers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of they manuscripts. I offer practical suggestions to help fix manuscript weaknesses and solve writing issues, which may be detracting from your story telling. The aim of a structural edit and report is to make your story the very best it can be.

Structural editing and report rates:

Less than 30,000 words: AU$400

40,000 words:AU$500

50,000 words: AU$600

This equates to 1.2 cents per word


With a copy and line edit, I mark up your manuscript for language and syntax, tone, grammar and punctuation, spelling and consistency. It does not include structural advice.

Copy/line editing fees:

1.5 AU cent per word

50,000 word manuscript: $750

Minimum charge: $150


 If you would like to book both a structural and a copy/line edit, my rates are approximately 1.8 cents per word.

Please contact me to discuss this what suits you best:


This involves reading the first 5–10,000 words of your manuscript and a one-hour Zoom chat. The purpose is to help you develop your first draft, discussing important elements such as narrative voice and point of view, character arcs, plots and subplots, themes and motifs.


Initial consultation: AU $200

Subsequent consultation (reading 5,000 words): AU $120


Mentoring involves a one-to-one Zoom conversation to help you set measurable and achievable goals as a writer. As well as discussing your writing, we can also talk about you and your progress as a writer. It can help to hone your writing craft, as well as improving your English literacy. It is a way to boost your productivity and positivity as a writer.

Rates: AU $90 per hour


Beta reading of a manuscript involves a complete read through and constructive feedback on your manuscript. It is not a comprehensive structural report, but it is a relatively inexpensive way to get helpful feedback on your writing before committing to the more expensive, and time-intensive, editorial process. 

My rates are AU $50 for 5,000 words (the minimum read/manuscript) .

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